Thursday, April 2, 2009

Up and Running

I've got a brand new 500GB hard drive, a reinstalled operating system, and a heck of a lot of catching up to do. Yesterday's project was to get Eclipse, Processing (UI), and Subclipse (SVN) installed so that I can run PhyloWidget and my own code as they were before the crash happened last Sat night (1.5 weeks ago). So that was an accomplishment because I had to remember how I'd installed everything in the past couple months, but I got it working. 

Today's issues are figuring out why my common name search is buggy and then proceeding onto dealing with searching multiple databases for images. At the same time I'll also need to make inroads into writing UI elements for each of these features and then integrating the code and the UI stuff into the PhyloWidget program.

The buggy-ness of the common name search refers to the fact that when I post data to the search form and get the resulting HTML page, the page I get is not the same as the page I see when I do the same search in my browser. My code receives the HTML for an "Advance Search" page, rather than a results page. I've had my program print out the URL it's requesting, and it's the same as the results page URL in my browser, yet the HTML is for an advance search page. Totally strange. Any ideas, anyone? 

I'm also concerned about the SVN process, because whenever I want to update to a new revision of PhyloWidget, Eclipse overwrites the one I'm currently using. If I make changes and start including my own code, I want to be able to download revisions without deleting my own work. If you know anything about how to manage this, please share. 

Glad to be back on track, but it's an uphill battle as always!

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Joe Kider said...

M ->

Try looking for diff/merge tools when downloading from Eclipse. Google or post what plugin your using in Eclipse to see how that works.
It should prompt you then on the changes, and you can ignore deleting the changes you have made for the code.

For such a short time line, I am not sure they will provide too many updates anyhows that will be mission critical, unless there is a bug update for your URL problem.

As for the URL bug...
I am not sure. I am shooting in the dark here... Java's URLDecoder.decode etc sometimes does things a little differently then how servers decode URLs (this information is dated, I don't do too much java coding anymore) I would double check exactly how you have the URL ... spaces, dashes, etc and make sure its encoded correctly and there can be no questions how thing should be ... again I am just guessing here again

hope it helps