Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Technical Difficulties"

My computer has died... well it's not quite pronounced dead but it's in critical condition and beyond warranty. I'm in the process of rescuing my files off the hard-drive, and tomorrow I'll make some calls and see if someone can take a look at it.
But for the meantime, if it appears that I am not making due progress, this is why. I hope to have this resolved quite shortly, but since I have no idea what the problem is, all I can do is wait and see.


Joe Kider said...

Maddy, whats the update on your computer? You can use a lab computer if this issue is not going to be resolved soon so you can meet the deadline. We have 1 in HMS if necessary we can install something on to keep you afloat.

Joe Kider said...

Maddy how are your repairs going?
I'll be happy to install what you need on an HMS computer if your still having issues, just let me know!

Joe Kider said...

What the update on your box?