Thursday, April 30, 2009

NBII Image Search

In the midst of preparing for my presentation, I am trying to have as much of a finished product as possible, so I have been working on including in my image search. Here's a detailed description of the search process that I wrote out before writing the code, so that I was sure I knew what I was doing before I attempted getting it to work. 
Here's the html for the form I need to "post" to in my Java code. (Note: I have to post it as an image because otherwise blogspot will actually interpret the code and do what it says - crazy.)

First I see that hitting the "go" button executes search_results.php and that I need to use the POST method to send data to the script. The next thing I need to find is that data that the script expects. One field is called "txtSearch" and the other is called "Submit". The value is txtSearch is not given, but the value of Submit is "Go". So assuming that the value of txtSearch is the search term, let's call it "term", I should be sending the string "txtSearch=term&Submit=Go" to".
When I get the response, I search for the term "Total images", since it indicates that I'm about to reach the place in the html where the images are listed. From then on, when I get to a line that contains "xt "Xthumbnail", since that indicates that I've gone past the section with the images I want. 

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