Monday, April 13, 2009

Schedule Update

What follows is the beginning of a revised set of deadlines. I intend to complete the tasks listed here by Tuesday April 21st:

- Pre-parse newick tree files to replace the given number-encoding with the appropriate scientific names, before sending the tree string to the regular PhyloWidget parser

- Retrieve images from Morphbank as MIME attachments, based on searches by scientific name, and cache the images locally

- Incorporate a thumbnail version of the each image into the PhyloWidget tree display at its corresponding node, according to the diagram posted previously. (If time, allow multiple images per node and create arrows so that the user can scroll through the thumbnails for each.)

After this deadline, I plan to return to the current bug in my common name search to complete that portion of the code. I will also look at the way that PhyloWidget draws the trees with the alternative layouts, to determine how best to incorporate the images in those cases. Finally, I will consider the various ways to save a user's work and reload a saved file for later use and work on implementing that feature.

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