Monday, April 20, 2009

Harvesting Images

I am now able to search for any given taxonomic name and return a LinkedList of all the images associated with that search. I have not yet integrated the code into PhyloWidget but intend to do so later today. 

One of the reasons I have not done this is because many revisions were made to the code during March, which I am not interested in including in my version of the code. Since I download the code using an SVN client, I need to figure out how to download the code as it was before those revisions took place. 

Once I am able to do that, the integration will consist of creating a variable to store these images within each node of the tree, determining when to call the search function with the node's taxonomic name, and displaying the resulting images within the current program. 

Of Note: This website listed a few short, easy examples about reading and writing images in Java, and as a novice at this I found it very useful.

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