Sunday, April 12, 2009

Health and Interfaces

I'm baaaack! 

To update anyone who actually reads this (other than Joe Kider): 
I got sick last weekend and after an evening in the hospital and a week pretty much in bed, I'm actually pretty close to better now. (It was just a virus. The hospital thing was, as my Dad says, "in an abundance of caution.") My thinking is, my computer decided to crash, and once it was fixed my body followed suit, each setting me back at least a week. That will mean a little readjusting when it comes to procedures to reach my goals and deadlines originally outlined in my design document, but since I'm still pretty excited about the prospect of sitting and standing, I'm figuring the time will come to handle that. That time might be tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm reading up on Processing so that I can add things like check-boxes and images and scroll arrows to the tree display. It'd be a shame to do all this planning and coding and then neglect to write the part that allows the users to actually see and interact with all the new features. 

Processing Tutorial Notes (via links): 

Standard Image Loading: 

Request Image: Loads in a separate thread so the program doesn't freeze while loading large images

Check Boxes: 

Custom UI Components:

Additionally, Interfascia is a library for Processing that handles user interaction, and it looks simple enough that it may be worth using. 

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