Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alpha Preparation

I spoke with Val to outline the four specific tasks I’ll need to complete in order to allow the user to input an organism’s name and end up with a tree complete with images and both the common and scientific names for each organism. I divided up the major coding tasks and estimated how long it would take me to do each and which order it would make the most sense, and I used that information to revise my Gantt chart.

I’ve spent the rest of this week revising and updating my design document to reflect what I’ve accomplished and my goals for the rest of the semester.

I also contacted Anne Olsen at The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) to ask about how to search the NBII image database, at the recommendation of Greg Riccardi from Morphbank. 

I'll be meeting with Joe on Thursday morning and Val on Thursday afternoon to review my progress and updated design document. 

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