Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Learning to SVN

Greg, author of PhyloWidget,  is currently updating some of the old code. I wanted to find a way to work on the newest version without having to manually update each file myself based on his changes. The code is posted on GoogleCode, and in order to update my own local version Greg said I needed to use an SVN (Subversion) client. I had no idea what that meant, but I found out that there's an open-source plug-in for Eclipse called Subclipse that does exactly what I need, all within Eclipse. It took more tries than it should have to get it installed and working correctly, but I'm finally able to download the latest code from Google and run the application. Relatively small task, yes, but it took a lot of investigating and troubleshooting, and it's at least a significant accomplishment that I figured most of it out on my own.

For my own reference: 
is the official Subclipse site. 

is the site that was most helpful in describing how Subversion and Subclipse work.

is the GoogleCode website where the most recent code is available.

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