Sunday, February 1, 2009

I feel like an idiot of a computer science major...

I'm looking at the Eclipse website to figure out what to download, since I'll need to use Eclipse to write the code for this project. The options include: 

Eclipse Classic - The classic Eclipse download: the Eclipse Platform, Java Development Tools, and Plug-in Development Environment, including source and both user and programmer documentation.


Eclipse IDE for Java Developers - The essential tools for any Java developer, including a Java IDE, a CVS client, XML Editor and Mylyn.

Or both? I think it's the first one, but who knows?

Also, I downloaded the standalone version of PhyloWidget, so that I could play with it and get used to the functionality of the program. Right now I feel like a bit of an idiot because I don't know what to do with it, like, how to just run the program. I couldn't see any instructions on the site. All I have is a folder of .jar files and two other files, one of which doesn't open, and the other looks like it has a command-line command, which I couldn't get to run because it said "Permission denied." 

Not such a good start eh? 


Dave said...

Honestly, you can't be blamed for Eclipse-based confusion, or lack of documentation. That happens to the best of us. Way too often.

Joe Kider said...

Maddy with PhyloWidget what are you trying to download and run? I quickly downloaded the "Standalone version (zip)" and ran the given bat file and the sh file, both brought up the app for me? If it did not check to see if you have your environmental variables set up properly on your windows box or that your java is properly set up in your $path in linux.

Eclipse let you add a svn, so you can check out the latest code if you need to play with that, however it only gives you a readonly copy. I just downloaded the source and added that to my project in eclipse and seemed to compile and punch up the same gui as the standalone.

So see if you can get the path parameters straightened out, maybe make sure a "hello world" example compiles and runs from somewhere on the command line just to refresh your memory, then try running the bat or the sh file

let me know if your still having trouble

Maddy said...

So my issue goes back to the fact that I don't know how to run the bat and sh files. The "If not..." sentence might be helpful, but I honestly don't even know what that means. Hence the feeling like an idiot.

Once I download/install Eclipse, I should be able to download the PhyloWidget source code and compile it, but I'm not even there yet and I'm sure I'll run into issues with that too.

Wesley said...

Maddy, if you haven't downloaded Eclipse yet, I'd recommend the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" package because it includes Mylyn. Mylyn is a task-focused interface for Eclipse that can raise your productivity by only showing you only the code you need for the task at hand. You can learn more at or check out the full-featured product built on Mylyn at

Wesley Coelho
Tasktop Technologies

Joe Kider said...


you need the ./ to run a shell script from the unix prompt.

./ will also run eclipse for you
once you locate the main sh file in the eclipse directory