Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Zoo Pictures

There was an awesome butterfly enclosure with a zillion of them all over the place. This one was willing to stay still long enough to be photographed.

The elephants were surprisingly playful and silly.

It was a super hot day so the kangaroos were just chillin' in the shade and not doing much of anything interesting.

Emu! Emu! The kangaroo and emu are on the Australian emblem because neither of them can walk backwards, and Australia is a "forward-looking country." They also apparently taste quite good on the barbecue. Funny, a country that eats its national animals.

I promise, there really are koalas in those trees. They're just hard to see.

Look! Cute little penguins who like the warm weather!

So those are some highlights from my Melbourne Zoo experience. I think what I'll do is leave these as highlights and then make an album on Facebook and sent you the link. I'll do it so that you don't need a Facebook username to get to the album, too.


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