Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Importance of Reading

Today I experienced yet another example of why it is important to read carefully. I discovered today upon putting in a load of laundry that in previous loads I had been using laundry softener instead of detergent. I had just figured that since there were two things on the laundry shelf and one was powder and one was liquid, I'd just use the liquid once since it was easier to reach and less likely to make a mess. Oops. Did I mention the writing on both of the containers was in Hebrew? I know the Hebrew word for laundry, and I figured the other word was detergent, which I definitely don't know. Turns out when I read closer this time, the word has the same root as the word I know for soft. A very enormous dictionary confirmed my mistake.
I think that about sums up the amusing experiences for the day. Yeshiva was good, and at some point I'll spend some time explaining what I actually do there and what I've been learning and thinking about. I went out for lunch with my new friend Simona, and I made fried rice and sauteed veggies for dinner with my new friend Judy. It's been a pretty good day overall.

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