Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It Begins

So here it goes.

I just officially finished my first semester as a Junior at Penn, ending with a bang. That is, I took my Astrophysics final, met with my film professor, and marked the end of the semester by switching to gmail (, but is still fine as well), and creating this pretty awesome blog of mine. I've got two weeks to move out of my apartment, say "L'hitraot" (aka see you soon, instead of goodbye) to everyone I know, and get on a plane to Israel. I'll be back for the first two weeks in February, so don't get to teary-eyed yet. Save that for when I leave in the middle of the month to spend what should be an incredible semester abroad at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Sounds great, right? Let me know when you're coming to visit.

So I hope you enjoy the blog. I may send out e-mails once in a while just in case you're forgetful about checking up on me and aren't constantly wondering how I'm doing. As I get used to this process, it might start getting more spiffy, with photos and other fancy things, but for now I'm keeping it simple. Most importantly: don't forget to write! I want to hear how you're doing too, whether it's in the form of comments attached to my posts here, or by e-mail. I might actually learn how to use Skype too.

And if you've got any advice, recommendations, or goodbye wishes... go for it! I'm all ears.


susascrubs said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I'll definitely check up on your travels throughout the semester. If you are interested in my time in Israel my blog is

Enjoy your adventure!

Lisa Reibstein said...

Can't wait to hear about (and see) all your travels. It will be fun to hear about them in almost real time (intead of months later). Have a good trip to Israel. Say hi to Lauren.

Lizzy said...

neisiah tova! have a safe and wonderful trip!

Becca said...

have a fantastic trip - i can't wait to hear all about it!

Mom said...

Travel safely and have a terrific time.
Love you!!

Rabbi Wernick said...

Hi Maddy,

Thanks for including me on the list of 300! I'm honored. I just got back from Israel so I know you'll have an awesome time. Check out the new City of David Tour. It's well worth it. They uncovered his palace! That puts Jews in Jerusalem at 900 b.c.e and provides the first real proof of David's existence. Well worth it!

Have fun!

Rabbi Wernick

Kale said...

Maddy you're excitement is contagious!
You write beautifully.
You're going to have such an awesome time.
Perhaps i'll see you in Australia when you get here...
All the best dear.

Carol Jacobs said...

Hi, Maddy
Have a wonderful trip! All of us here at Barrack are so proud of you, and I can't wait to follow your journey.
Best wishes and good health,